Laptop Charger 120W 19V 6.32A Power Supply AC Adapter for Asus FX504 UX510UW N56J N56VM N56VZ N750


Laptop AC Adapter

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Replacement Laptop AC adapter High Quality
Output: 19V 6.32A 120W
AC input voltage: 100-240V 50-60H
plug size (conect to computer): 5.5 mm * 2.5 mm
Please make sure the power supply of wattage as same as your original charger power wattage,( indicated on charger ), make sure plug specification same as original plug specification

Asus ADP-120ZB BB ADP-120RH B PA-1121-28 A15-120P1A PA-1121-04 N120W-02 For Asus ROG GL502VT GL502V GL502 GL502VT-DS71 UX510UW N56VM-SB71 N56VZ-XS71 N56JR-DS71 C90S ZX53VW ZX63VD FZ53VD FZ63VD FX53VW FX63VD FX73VD Series
Asus F554LA G550JK G56JK K501LX K501UX N550JA N550JK N550JV N550JX N551JQ X550JK F554LA-NH51 F554LA-NH71 F554LA-WS52 F554LA-WS71 G550JK-DS71 K501UX-AH71 N550JK-DB74T N550JK-DS71T N550JV-DB71 N550JV-DB72T N550JX-DS71T N550JX-DS74T N550JX-TH72T N551JQ-EH71 X550JK-DH71 K501LX-NB52 K501LX-NH52 K501UX-WH74 X550ZE-DB10 K501LX-EB71 D450CA-AH21 R510DP-FH11 R510CA-RB51
Asus A53 A53E A53S A53SV A55A A55VD K45 K45VD K45VJ K53 K53E K53S K53SV K55 K55A K55V K55VD K55VJ K55VM K73 N46 N46VJ N46VM N46VZ N53 N53s N53SM N53SN N53SV N55 N55SF N55SL N56 N56DP N56JN N56JR N56V N56VJ N56VM N56vz N76 N76vj N76VM N76vz U47VC U56 U56E X53E X750J X83V N53SN-EH71 N56JN-EB71 N56JN-MB71 N56JR-EH71 N56VJ-WH71 N56VM-AB71 N56VZ-DS71 N56VZ-RH71 N76VJ-DH71 A55VD-AH71 N56VJ-DH71 N56DP-DH11 K55A-DS71 K55A-DH71
Asus ROG GL551JW GL552VW GL752VW GL551JW-DS71 GL552VW-DH71 GL551JW-WH71-WX GL551JW-DS74 GL752VW-DH71 GL552VW-DH74 GL551JM-DH71
Asus VivoBook Q550 Q550L Q550LF X550 X750JA X750JB-DB71 Q550LF-BSI7T21 X750JA-DB71 Q550LF-BBI7T07

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