Laptop Charger 45W 19V 2.37A Power Supply AC Adapter for Asus UX305 UX330 UX330UA UX331 UX430 X200MA X540 X540LA X553M X553MA Transformer Book TP300 TP300LA Chromebook C200 C202 C300


Laptop AC Adapter

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Replacement Laptop AC adapter High Quality
Output: 19V 2.37A 45W
AC input voltage: 100-240V 50-60H
plug size (conect to computer): 4.0 mm * 1.35 mm
Please make sure the power supply of wattage as same as your original charger power wattage,( indicated on charger ), make sure plug specification same as original plug specification

Asus C202S C300SA C301 C301SA D553M D553MA F505ZA F510QA F512DA F512FA F556 F556U F556UA K401 K556U K556UA L402SA L402WA Q302LA Q304 Q304UA Q504UA R540S R540SA T300L TP300L UX303L UX305C UX305F UX330U UX360C X200M X441 X441B X441BA X540 X540BA X540L X540LA X540S X540SA X541 X541S X541SA X541U X541UA X553 X553M X553MA X553S X553SA X556 X556U Chromebook C200 C200M C200MA C202 C202SA C300 C300M C300MA Transformer Book T300LA TP300 TP300LA TP300LD TX201LA EeeBook E402 E402MA E402SA

Asus VivoBook E402M E402S E403S E403SA F200CA F510UA K200MA Q200E S200E S510UA S512FA S532FA X102BA X200 X200CA X200MA X201E X202E L203 L203MA X412DA Flip TP401MA TP501 TP501U TP501UA Max X541N Thin J401MA Zenbook UX303LB UX303UA UX303UB UX305 UX305CA UX305FA UX305LA UX305UA UX330 UX330UA UX331FA Flip UX360 UX360CA UX360UA UM462DA Prime U38DT U38N UX301 UX301LA UX302 UX302L UX303 UX303LA UX303LN UX333FA UX434FL UX31A UX32A UX32VD Taichi 21 31 ADP-45AW C ADP-65AW A ADP-40TH AD883020 EXA1206CH

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