Laptop Charger 90W 19V 4.74A Power Supply AC Adapter for Acer Aspire 90w Blue Tip Charger - ADP-90CD ADP-90SB PA-1900-24 PA-1900-34


Laptop AC Adapter

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Replacement Laptop AC adapter High Quality
Output: 19V 4.74A 90W
AC input voltage: 100-240V 50-60H
plug size (conect to computer): 5.5 mm x 1.7 mm
Please make sure the power supply of wattage as same as your original charger power wattage,( indicated on charger ), make sure plug specification same as original plug specification

Aspire TimelineX 4820T-373G32MN 4820T-373G32MNKS 4820T-3910 4820T-434G32MN 4820T-5175 4820T-524G50MN 4820T-5416 4820T-5452G50MNKS 4820T-5454G64MNKS 4820T-6447 4820T-6645 4820TG 4820TG-334G32MN 4820TG-374G50MN 4820TG-434G50MN 4820TG-466G64MNKS 4820TG-484G50MNKS 4820TG-5454G50MNKS 4820TG-5464G50MNKS 4820TG-5464G64MNKS 4820TG-6847 4820TG-7566 AS4820T AS4820T-3697 AS4820T-5570 AS4820TG-3195 AS4820TG-5637 5220TG-333G32MN 5220TG-434G32MN 5820T 5820T-333G32MN 5820T-354G32MNS 5820T-373G32MNKS

Aspire TimelineX 5820T-374G32MN 5820T-434G50MN 5820T-484G75MNKS 5820T-5452 5820T-5900 5820T-5951 5820T-5993 5820T-6178 5820T-6825 5820TG-3353 5820TG-374G50MN 5820TG-434G64MN 5820TG-454G50MN 5820TG-484G50MNKS 5820TG-484G75Mnks 5820TG-5454G64MNSS 5820TG-5464G50MNKS 5820TG-5464G64MN 5820TG-5464G64MNKS 5820TG-5612 5820TG-624G64MN 5820TG-644G64MNKS 5820TZG-P603G32 5820TZG-P604G50 5820TZG-P612G32 5820TZG-P614G50MN 5820TZ-P613G32MNKS AS5820T AS5820T-5951 AS5820T-5993 AS5820T-6178 AS5820TG

Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-3353 AS5820TG-5464G64MN 5830T 5830T-2414G75Mnbb 5830TG 5830TG-2354G50Mnbb 5830TG-2434G50Mibb 5830TG-2434G75Mibb 5830TG-2624G12Mnbb Extensa 2900E 4220 1000508Mi 4220 100508Mi 4220-050508Ci 4220-051G08Mi 4220-051G12Mi 4220-101G08Mi 4230-571G16MN 4610 4630-4375 4630-4485 4630-4565 4630-4658 4630-4682 4630-4791 4630-4922 4630-581G25Mn 4630-582G16MN 4630-6422 4630-6422VBE 4630-731G12M 4630-731G12Mi 4630G 4630z 4630ZG 5010WLMi 5014WLMi 5010 5120 5203WLMi 5204NWLMi 5204WLMi 5205NWLMi 5205WLMi 5210 5210NWLMi 5210WLM 5210WLMi 5210ZWLMi 5212WLMi 5212ZWLMi 5214WLM 5214WLMi 5215WLM 5215WLMi 5220 5220-050508Mi 5220-1A1G12Mi

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