Segotep EDI MATX / MINI-ITX Gaming Computer Case New Design Flight-themed E-sports


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SSD bay 2.5 inch 2*SSD
•Fan bay front 1*12cm; behind 2*8cm
•This computer case is special and beautiful
•Dare to fly, the theme of gaming computer case
•Innovative inspiration and imagination
•Unique shape, blend in the flight design element
•Support 120mm integrated liquid cooling
•From the back cover hand pleace
•From the back of the cover slightly pull up, you can exit the cover
•Exit the hard drive frame screws and remove the hard disk shelf
•Installation of fan and liquid cooling
•Lock hard disk bracket
•Remove the 2.5 hard disk bracket, then lock the hard disk
•Push in the direction of the arrow and lock the screw

Color: White
Product Size: 600mm*395mm*395mm
Thickness: 0.8mm
Support Motherboard Specifications
Graphics Card Length: 315mm
USB: 1*3.0,2*2.0
Power location: Independent power supply placement channel
Fan position: Front 12cm*1 (optional), rear 8cm*2 (standard)

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