Dareu Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo



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Dareu LK186G Black keyboard and mouse with a simple design will adorn your desktop, with pre-configured configurations inside the system, connecting instantly without the need for software.

Dareu LK186G Black Keyboard

Dareu LK186G Black wireless keyboard has soft and responsive keys that make you comfortable to use. In addition, the numerals on the keyboard are laser-printed for durability, good adhesion without fading over time. Thanks to the full-size design, you will get faster and more accurate operations.

Compact size, easy to pack and carry with you away. In addition, it can be used for Smart TVs to conveniently use the product's functions.

Dareu Mouse LK186G Black

The Dareu LK186G Black mouse has a compact, sleek handle design for comfortable use. The mouse is equipped with basic keystrokes and inaccurate scrolling to help you when working experience, web surfing is handled in the most smooth way. With the high DPI you can use the most accurate and responsive mouse, and the mouse can move on many different planes.

Up to 10 meters free wireless transmission Advanced 2.4GH z wireless technology, free all-round reception within a range of up to 10 meters, fully guarantee the anti-interference ability in a complex 2.4GH z environment. Ergonomic design The keyboard and mouse are all ergonomically designed. The perfect combination of trendy style and comfortable feel will make you put it down.

Product Specification: Connection method: 2.4GH z wireless connection

Interface type: NANO receiver

LED light: no backlight

Battery required: AA battery

Layout: 104 standards

Keyboard size: 441x126x35mm compatibility Windows 7 or higher Mac OS 10.11 or higher

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